Soooooo tell me how is that cock feeling?  It should be feeling pretty damn good and I’m going to make it feel even better!  Get out the lube boys and I’m going to get my dice – we’re going to play a little game – a much shorter version of my dice game.

Now I want you to stroke for a good 20 minutes while I look for those dice, I can’t remember where I put them since the last time I played this game, so get to work stroker boy!

Ok now that you’ve got that cock worked up for me the fun is going to begin.  I am going to roll until I get a 7 or 11.  Once I roll one of those numbers, I will roll again and whatever number comes out, that is how many times you have to edge.

Let me blow on them and see what we get.  Ok it took me 5 rolls before I got a 7 and the next number is a – Lol – 10!  You have the day to get that cock to the edge 10 times before you come back here to see what I decide to do with you.  What are you waiting for?  Get to work on that cock and DO NOT click the banner until you have edged 10 times!

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