This is your Masturbatrix Sarah.  Listen up my little stroker boys.  I want you to get completely naked for me.  Now, you will put your favorite pictures into a slide show and view them for this little assignment.  Put your favorite stimulating photos into a slide show then put it on random while you stroke it.  Next for this assignment you will need some tape.  You heard me, “Tape!”  Make it scotch tape or masking tape.  You will wrap up your stroking hand in that tape to make it nice and smooth for you to stroke your cock with.  The sticky side is stuck to your hand.  The sticky side is not to be stuck to your cock silly cock slave.

Got that tape rapped around your hand now?  Good.  Start that slide show and stroke your cock to get it good and hard.  Keep on stroking it slowly.  I want you to stroke it like this for a good hour.  Keep stroking it slowly but do not let yourself cum.

Are you ready to hear your fate?


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