Do you like to be watched when you masturbate?  Mmmmm I do! So let’s do it together. Ready? First off I want you to go someplace that you normally don’t masturbate, a different room, the deck, the car, the yard but PLEASE make sure it is private, I don’t want you arrested! At least not until I cum! ~giggle~

Make sure I am the only one watching then take that cock out for me.  Close your eyes and visualize me, moving my hands over my breast, down my flat, tight stomach and letting my fingers move into my sexy, black panties. Mmmmm here me moan and watch me arch my hips as you watch my fingers move underneath the panties.  Look at me, into my eyes as I stare and watch you stroke for me.  Slide your fingers up and down that cock, lightly, gently, slowly, show me, tease me, and make me want it!  Mmmmmm yes, that is the way.

As you see my fingers moving faster, hear my breathing getting faster, my moans escaping from my lips, imagine me sliding my fingers from my panties and showing you just how hot and wet watching you has made me. Mmmm I slip them back into my panties and start working my fingers, hard, fast and deep.  Mmmmm keep up with me, stroke that cock, feel the smooth, silky shaft and that think, mushroom head beneath your fingers, feel it throb, pulsate, jerk in your hand as you watch see my fingers working faster, harder as my hips move and grind.  Mmmmm yes, you know I’m so close, are you?  Do you want to cum with me?  Are you ready?  Mmmmm click below to see if we cum together!


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