Stroking For Princess Lilah

Wow, I can’t believe you are wanting to masturbate again so soon!  You are such a little jerkoff boy, how long has it been?  Oh come on, don’t lie, I bet it was just earlier today, wasn’t it?  ~giggle~  Well since you just CAN”T keep your hands off it let me give you some instructions on how to stroke it for me ~smile~

Now stroker boy, get the lube, don’t tell me you don’t have any, find something to make that cock slippery, even if it is spit!  Coat it good, I mean REAL WET!  You see, we are going t do something a bit different today.  You are going to get to cum! Are you surprised I didn’t make you wait to click a button to find out? ~giggle~ of course you are!  But  you have to agree on what I have you do AFTER you cum.  You must agree first or no stroking for you today and certainly, NO CUMMING unless you agree. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t make you do anything to outrageous ~giggle~  Soooooo promise? No fair clicking first, remember, a deal is a deal!  Good boy!  Now let’s get busy!

Cock all lubed? Very good, now start to stroke, do it in your favorite way. I want you to enjoy this.  Now keep going, working that cock right to the edge.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you stop, remember, I said I want you to cum!  Now stroke faster, feeling it getting closer and closer, pumping harder and harder, Mmmm yes, it is close isn’t it?  Keep working that cock!  Come on jerkoff boy! Faster!  Harder! Fuck that fist for me!  Now CUM!!!!!  Keep working that fist until you have lost your entire load!  GOOD BOY!!   Now don’t forget, you made me a promise soooooo it is time to pay up! ~giggle~  Click below to see what you have to do to finish your assignment!

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