Well, stroker boys, today is going to be simple, short and easy…. kind of like your cock, right? ::giggle::  We’re going to have a nice, old-fashioned super stroking session today, so I hope that arm is in good shape for some serious speed stroking.  First, I want you to take that cock out of your pants, and make sure you have good access to your balls.  Wrap those fingers nice and firmly around that shaft, and use your other hand to grab hold of those balls and start massaging them.  I want you to start stroking that cock like a little speed demon, as fast as you can stroke it, kneading those balls with your other hand the entire time. Don’t stop until you get right to the edge, then back off and only massage your balls until that cock calms down.  Then, start speed stroking again, as fast as your hand can move on that cock until you reach the edge.  You are to repeat this cycle 20 times…. yes, I said 20 times, and don’t you dare cheat!  Once you get to the end of the 20th cycle of speed stroking and you are right there on the edge….


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