Hello strokers! Ready for your first instructions from Mistress Ginelle? I hope so, we’re going to have some naughty fun.

First start stroking up and down with one hand while you massage your balls, feel how swollen they are? I made them that way. Walking around in my short skirts, and I know you’ve been sneaking peeks at me every time I bend over just hoping to see a hint of my panties. Well baby I have bad news for you I DON’T WEAR ANY. So that’s less for you to have to deal with, now imagine me standing right before you taking my clothes off just for you. Bending over showing you my perfect ass. And that’s when you start rubbing that vein ion the underside of your cock. Rub it for me…. And now start jerking it. While your cocktease watches everything you do. I want you to do this for 3 minutes without coming, but darling I want you also to tease the head of your cock with your finger tips and pretend it’s my tongue.


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