I expect you to have your dildos ready for this, my sissys!

The anesthesiologist is a sub himself, and extremely attentive in his work. He advises me that its time to put you under. I gently kiss your lips and reassure you that this transition is necessary. You’ve been a good sissy, and we both know that you want to be completely a woman slut within my household. As you are asked to count back from 100, and the operating room fades from view ( stroke that prick, counting backwards from 100).

You begin to dream, hearing my voice in your head as I assure you all is well. You find yourself in the board room of a large law office, your body stretched out on a table. There’s a man to your right unzipping his pants, and he looks intent on shoving his hard cock somewhere. You open your mouth in a silent, welcoming gesture and touch your nipples..pulling and tugging. (lube that dildo with your mouth) His hands find your panties quickly, and he grips your prick as skillfully as you would -pulling up and twisting his hand on the down stroke. ( don’t you dare remove that prick from your lips, reach in those panties and get a grip) You tighten your ass and buck your hips into his hand, hoping he will give you more. You spread your legs and feel your panties being tugged down to mid-thigh. ( bring your panties down – better access, Honey) When you look down, anticipating this strange man’s lips on your cock, you are shocked to see a red bulging clit awaiting a good licking. Just as his tongue is about to touch your eager little button, he stops. He smiles and begins stroking his cock slowly. He asks you to show him how you rub your new clit.

Your clit throbs and sends chills over your thighs as you begin to rub it in little circles. The man states that you will have new lingerie waiting for you as a reward for your bravery and commitment. He instructs you to rub in 45 complete circles, while he carefully guides the head of his cock into your pretty plump mouth ( circle your head with your fingers, delicately – tickling and teasing – 45 revolutions). As you circle your clit with your finger, you are also circling the head of his cock with your tongue – in unison ( lick the head of that dildo till I tell you otherwise). As you give yourself to this stranger, you hear my voice in your head encouraging you,

“My sissy, please my friend. Give him all that he desires and you will be rewarded. This man will give me a full account of how you perform; serve in my honor, dear, and bliss will come to you.”

You feel rough hands roll you over and realize its time to ride your favorite wave. You brace yourself against the slick, high shine of the table, hoping not to slip off. A cock head is being tapped against your tight pussy, and you inhale sharply at the thought of being taken by such a huge cock ( legs up, my whore! Get ready to pump that ass). His thrusts send you forward so hard that you feel your knees are being bruised. You try to hold on, but the impact is too much. Your only recourse is to meet his thrusts, bucking back toward him – meeting him halfway ( 35 full thrusts with that wet, rubber dick). Your mouth hangs open in a silent moan, tears well up in the corners of your eyes from joy. You feel yourself cumming; electricity bursts through your flesh.

You open your eyes and find me smiling above you, gently stroking your hair. You look at me confused, and I explain that the operation has gone well – your pussy is as lovely as any orchid that ever bloomed.

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