I’ve been talking with the other Mistresses at cockcontrol.com about you – and they all know  about your nasty little masturbating habit.  How you excessively masturbate in your closet, bathroom, under your desk at work and how you make messes everywhere we go.

We know all about you, and we intend on ganging up on you – and preventing you from having that messy orgasm for awhile. The only way you can cum is if one us permits it – but that may be a long time coming before we allow to!

The way I see it, you have been out of control for way too many years, and have had way too many free rides, and used up all your cumming coupons.  Not anymore.  Your cock now belongs to us.

However, I know you’ve been working on obeying us for quite some time. You’ve been talking with all the Mistresses and making sure that you listen intently to our sexy voices. I know you have not been able to cum in weeks!

Do you think I, as one of the Mistresses at Cock Control, should allow you to cum? You’ve been really at this for weeks, and obeying everything we say…..