Helllllo big boy! I can see the outline of that cock under those tight jeans. Is that a gun or are you happy…well you know the rest. Pull ot that love gun sweety pie. Let me see it get as big as it can possibly get. WOW….that is one huuuuuuuuge hum dinger, but I wont be humming it. You will be stroking it..just for little old me , hun.

Im going to strip my black dress off . I just bought some pretty red lingerie I want you to see, than Im going to turn around to show you my ass. Im going to move my ass back and forth and I want you to stroke your cock to that rhythmn. Now I bend over to look at you through my open legs. I can see the precum glistening on the head of that cock. Keep stroking!

You must know by now I love to tease and deny guys. Your cumming depends on you and how well you stroke it, how many edges you come to , and if you keep up with my rhythmn, after all , I have taken years of belly dancing and latin jazz…thats it…to the beat…ooops you missed one, come on..get back to it. I’ll give you one more chance to redeem yourself…if you keep up this speed and rhythm for 10 more strokes you may definitely cum….1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…………………………………….

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Mistress Cassandra