I know you all think I’m the Mistress first and foremost but there is a sensual more vampish side to me.

I’m speaking of the part of me who comes to you in your dream state. Slinking up your body like a vaporous apparition, I come to you when you’re in that dream state of being. I run my fingertips across your body, slowly teasing you and making you moan my name. You can feel my naked breath against your skin, you can smell my perfume and feel it overcome your senses.

I begin to stroke you, lightly at first..using only the tips of my fingers and running them up and down your hardness. I can feel your cock jumping under my touch, twitching to my soft caress. It’s killing you that you can feel me and not see me. You start wiggling around and moaning at my persistent stroking. You can feel my body pressed against yours but yet you can’t touch me. Still, you are so incredibly hard and getting harder by the second. Your breathing is getting faster and your skin is flushed and warm. You feel that growing tingling sensation in your balls and then you feel me wrap my entire hand completely around you. You can’t stand it. You feel my warm soft fingers squeezing your balls and pulling on them while my other hand masturbates you slowly and methodically. I stop for a moment, only to start up again at a more furious pace. You want to cum but you don’t want it to end. You’ve never felt such desire in your life. Your body feels electric.

Suddenly, you can see me. I appear to you in my complete naked body, like an angel taking form above you. I whisper to you….

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