Calling all hand humping, masturbation addicts. Do you want to stroke that cock for me? I’m sure you do. How about some intense stroking? You like that thought? Well good! Here is what I want you to do. I want you to get your favorite lube (you are going to need it) ~giggle

Start off by getting that cock nice and well lubed. I want you to take and stroke vigorously for 5 minutes, come on, you can do it, stroke the hell out of it but do NOT cum. If you get close back off for 10 seconds then return to jerking it quickly to continue the 5 minutes of fast jacking!

Rest for 5 minutes.

Now slow down, to a snail pace, moving your hand up and down your cock for 5 minutes, very, very slow. Feeling every vein, ridge, inch of your cock, get to know it better than you ever have.

Rest for 5 minutes.

Now for the finish, I want you working your hips with your hand. Humping, grinding working it, hmmmm imagine that hand to be my pussy, come of fuck it! Now I know you could do me good, hmmmm can’t you? Start slow, finish fast., make it last for 5 minutes. Now baby, do you think you did well enough to cum? Click below to find out if I agree!

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