It’s time to get serious.

I want you to grab that cock and squeeze it.. yes, nice and hard.

Now once you get fully erect I want you to give it a good hard slap, yes I said slap your cock! Start massaging it now, rub out the burn.

Okay time to stroke it for me, lube it up nice and wet, I want it sloppy do you understand? Good, now start pumping nice and slow at first, feeling that cock tense in your hand then start to throb. Pick up the pace a little, squeezing firmly while you stroke, now slap it again…. .. again oh come on do it one more time for me. I love when you slap a nice wet throbbing cock, the sound is wonderful as is the tensing of the boy doing it.

Now slide your hand down to your balls and massage them, feel them fill up then give them a nice firm tug, you heard me.. pull on that sack!

Back to stroking for 15 more minutes, then I want you to get a nice glass of cold water and slide that throbbing cock in it. Leave it there until you start to get soft then start all over again.

Don’t forget the cock slaps stroker.



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