The summer days are long and hot. So are the summer nights. I am Sarah, I will be your Masturbatrix for the day. I thought about this one when I was going through so much ice. The sweat beating my neck. I jump in and out of the shower several times a day just to cool off. So, go grab your ice and get completely naked for me. I warn you though. You will need a shower because you are going to break up a sweat.

Are you naked and have that ice ready yet? Good! I want you to now go to You will scroll through every last bio of every Mistress on that site. I want you to look at each picture. You will read each bio. Now you will stroke while looking through this. I know an experienced masturbator such as yourself can stroke that cock one handed. I want you to stroke it up and down slowly right up to the edge. Do not ejactulate.

Now that you are at the edge go grab a couple of ice cubes. Stroke your cock slowly with the ice in your hand. Keep bringing yourself close to the edge but do not cum. When you are through looking through each bio thoroughly then you are done with your Guided Masturbation Assignment.

Are you ready to find out your fate? Then listen to the audio.

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