I own your cock
Your cock is Mine
You will stroke to my desires

Whenever you think of Me , your cock will be hard
Urge to stroke

Stroke to the sound of my voice

did u enjoy all of that stroking for Me ? Is your cock throbbing ? Are your balls tighter *hmmhmhhehehehe* Well , then I think the only thing to do now , is to Cum! Yes , I want you to cuM Hard for Me ,,,

Teasemafia post

Hello boys! For today’s stroking assignment , you will be teasing , stroking and edging for Me so go get your lube and/or toys!

Next , find your favorite porno , and pop it in! ::Giggles::

While you are watching , you will strip down to nothing . Now , sit back , relax …and Tease the fuck out of that cock for Me !!

For the first part of the assignment, you are to simply watch *Only* for the first time around .

As your cock gets harder and the urge to stroke becomes stronger do NOT stroke yet! ::Giggles:: Just keep watching as your cock throbs harder and harder . Continue through the Entire movie .

With your cock lubed generousely , start by rubbing the palm of your hand upwards from your balls and up the entire length of your cock as you caress your aching cock and balls *softly* , repeat as needed ::giggles::

Wanna stroke ? 😉

After teasing your cock , I want you to wrap your hand completely around your cock. You may now stroke for me in these variations.




Slower ….::giggles::

Super fast , firmer grip !

Slow …

Slower ….

::Giggles:: You are to edge yourself 15 times and then click on the button below to see what I have in store for you 😉

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