I know you’ve been staring at my picture, thinking about calling me, wanting to have my soothing voice in your ear. You can’t help but take that cock out and stroke it, letting your eyes roll over the curves of my body, looking at my shapely little ass, lingering on my sightly revealed breasts. I know you’be been stroking that cock, thinking about what you would like to do to me if I were there with you, or what I would let you do 😉 I want you to stroke your cock, nice and slow, and think about what it would be like if you were lucky enough to be with me. Stroke it with long, slow, deep strokes, thinking about how I would smell and taste, what it would be like to feel me and touch me in person, how you would hardly be able to resist. Think about what my hot little hands would feel like if I wrapped them around your cock, stroking that rod with you, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm. I like to tease you until you beg me for release, then stop and make you wait a while longer before starting up again, building you higher and higher towards ecstasy. You might begin to wonder if I will ever grant you release…. well, will I? 🙂

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