Hello little stroker sluts, back for more cock teasing, I see… just can’t seem to get enough torture now, can you? 🙂 That’s fine by me, because there’s nothing I like better than to hear you begging me to give your hard little throbbing cock some much-needed relief… but the question is, will I? ::giggle:::Now I know your cock is already nice and hard just thinking of my voice in your head and what I’m going to do to you, so take that cock out of your pants and start stroking it nice and slow. No lube this time, you’re going to dry stroke that cock until you begin to get a nice trickle of pre-cum oozing out of that slit in the tip of your head, and then you can use that for lube 😉 Now stroke that cock nice and hard, pumping your hand up and down your shaft, from the base of that cock all the way up over your swollen mushroom head, feeling the heat in your hand from the friction of stroking that cock dry. Doesn’t that feel soooo good, I can see you are beginning to thrust your hips forward, trying to get that hand of yours deeper down that shaft. Stroke that cock faster and harder, and bring yourself just to the edge, for a total of five times. That’s right, I said FIVE times you will stroke that cock until you are about to cum… and on the fifth time….

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