Hello there all you stroker boys. Have you come to play with
the Tease Mafia? Well, I will be your Tease for today. Do
I see your cock in your hands already? You just couldn’t wait
to get started could you? Well, let’s begin then. Todays assignment
is going to take awhile. I want that cock teased to the absolute
limit today. You will stroke that cock any way you like today,
fast, slow, gentle, rough. Any old stroke will do. But you will stroke
for a minimum of 90 minutes, in no less than 15 minute intervals.
Bring it to the edge at least 15 times. Really tease it to the limit.
Look at a picture of me, or your favorite Mistress while you are
stroking that hard, throbbing cock. And when you are ready to just
explode, and your balls are so tight and full that the slightest touch
is going to send you spiraling over the edge. Well then you may listen
to the audio I have recorded for you. Happy stroking boys!


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Princess Daphne