You’ve been treating your body terribly, and you know how that displeases me. Degrading your system with junk and lying around like a heap of useless flesh. What you need is a little motivation – re-focusing. Take a deep breath as I tie your balls tightly and stand you in the corner like a naughty child. Hands to the wall! Don’t look around at me! Focus your attention on the mirror in front of you; I want you to see your facial expressions as I work you over. While I pull your balls down, I’ll whip that lazy ass. Look how your mouth dangles open. What a strange puppet you make.

Its time to get you centered. Inhale and exhale deeply as you begin slowly stroking from base to tip. Watch your hand in the mirror and make sure your grip is firm enough to make the skin roll beneath your fingers as they slide along. I want 25 perfect up strokes!


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