Mr. Stoker, in order to conduct a successful therapy session, I need to assess what equipment we have to work with. Drop your pants and stand before me. You appear nervous; your palms are sweating. Look straight ahead, and keep your posture rigid while I inspect your penis. Now, as I remove your boxers, I’m going to glide my fingers across your cock and balls. Take a deep breath. Yes, it seems you are responding to the simplest touch. This could be the reason for the quick climaxes you are experiencing. You are obviously very sensitive. This must be a terrible dissappointment to the women that you take to bed. We’ll have to teach you how to achieve true stamina. Take the cup of lubricant I’ve set on the table and apply it to your head. Quickly, my time is valuable.

Let’s take a look at how you stroke. Take that prick in hand, and I want you to imagine the first woman you ever fantasized about. Was it a teacher or a good friend’s mom? Imagine her bending over a little too far, revealing her tight panties. Do you think of pulling them down and shoving your hard cock in that mysterious tight little hole? Squeeze that prick harder as you imagine being teacher’s pet. Twist your palm around the shaft, following the path like a tongue around a candy cane.

Your balls are bouncing too freely as you stroke. Take the tape beside you and tie the top of your sack snuggly.

Demonstrate how you buck your hips, Mr. Stroker. Too shallow a thrust can be very upsetting to a woman. Turn to the side so that I can see your thrusting in profile. Thrust harder. Did you not hear me? I said, thrust harder into your palm! Tighten those thighs, and give me ten full thrusts! Count them off! 35 strokes! Squeeze those ass cheeks together and show some grace! Faster! Harder! Grab your head!

Sigh. It seems we have a lot of work to do. Your thrusts are shallow, your grip is limp-wristed and your posture is that of an elderly grandmother hunched over her walker. Further, you have no self-restraint. Before you leave, take a paper towel from the sink and and clean your shoes of your cum. Tell the secretary I’ve ordered weekly sessions.


For sessions with Ms Dana call 800-356-6169