It’s stroke time with me, now get that cock out with a fistfull of slippery juicy lube. I want to play with that cock too so keep that lube right next to me. I want to see your style, and if you stroke good enough for me, I’ll let you cum. Right now I see your style is a bit too fast, so slow down and play with it easy, 10 slow and long strokes on that big fat cock of yours. Good , much better…keep the pace and make it last, now bring it to a nice edge for me….to the count of 20, right to the edge!
Continue stroking and edging and now squeeze those balls. Put lube on those balls. Now with the broad of both hands, pet slowly the whole length and then furiously fist that cock nicely….now slower…now faster… slower. Now give me 100 counts to a nice tap of my high heeled foot and Im going to decide if you go over the edge and blast for me, or conserve that juice till next time….begin!

Mistress Cassandra