Last time I was a real bitch and didn’t allow you the satisfaction of cumming. I did that for 2 reasons. First I didn’t feel like it, second you weren’t stroking good enough for Me. Now I want you to stroke better for Me. Nice pretty cock…very nice, you can go faster. I want 50 long and slow lubed up strokings. Best if you come to that edge and ruin the orgasm…ruin the orgasm and glob for Me. Oh yes…very nice. You’re doing much better now…much better. The hand is like a well oiled machine and your hand is one fine piston……..that’s 50…GLOB! Ohhhhhh yessssssssss…nice nice nice.
Let’s go for 100 now…oh cmon..don’t hem and haw….you want to cum don’t you???? Just do it!. This time faster stroking, don’t glob…I will let you know……start counting, at the 100th stroke I will tell you what to do……

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