Boys, start your engines. You know the one I am talking about, the one between your legs that control everything you do. Get your lube, and sit in your chair with nothing on. That includes your socks too!
I want you to start by rubbing your balls, nice and slow. Doesn’t that feel good? Of course it does. Take your finger and trace each ball individually. Before long they will be so swollen and wanting to burst. I want you to put some lube on the top of your mushroom head, cover it completely. Now take one hand (the hand that you don’t stroke with) and using just your index finger and your thumb make a ring around the base of your cock firmly. That’s it, I can see your veins popping out. I love that sight so much! With your other hand begin at the head of your cock and push the lube down on your shaft. I want you to stroke for five minutes at a medium pace. Oh yes, now your cock is getting really red. Rudolph doesn’t have anything on you. Keep your nice firm grip at the base. For the next 10 minutes you are only allowed to touch the head of your cock. Rub it, stroke it, caress it, but don’t cum. Do I see some pre cum dripping? I think that I do! Now stroker boy, I want you to stroke your entire cock until you get close. When you get right to the edge, STOP. I know you want to cum so badly, but it’s not time yet. Sing your ABC’s all the way thru. Once you have finished singing, take your cock back into your hand and stroke 30 times, after you have stroked 30 times you may click the button!


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