Hello boys, time for more stroking instructions from Mistress Ann. I want you to begin by getting completely undressed. Don’t leave your socks on, I hate that. Once your undressed, take your rod and begin to stroke it. No lube yet! Stroke the entire length, from your shaft to the top of the head. Nice and slow, easy does it. I want you to do this for 3 minutes. Remember stroking dry! After you have stroked your cock for three minutes, it’s time to go down to your balls and rub them. I want you to rub them gently, cupping them in your hand every once in awhile. Rub your balls and enjoy it. Go ahead, close your eyes and continue to rub. I want you to think about that fantasy that runs thru your mind quite often. Now take your lube and put about the size of a quarter into the palm of your hand. Rub it onto your cock. I didn’t say stroke it yet. Rub the lube on your cock. Now you may begin to stroke. Stroke 20 times nice and slow, that’s it enjoy it. After the 20 strokes, I want you to stroke a little faster, but only on the shaft for a total of 30 strokes. Don’t you dare cum, I haven’t given you permission yet. Now for the grand finale! Stroke faster, your entire cock. Come on, faster for a count of 40 strokes. When you get to 40 you may click and see if your lucky enough to cum!


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