Hello stroking monkey, Have you been waiting long ? Its been a week since you have stroked for me . I thought about you while I was in the shower today. My nipples got really hard while I spread my shower gel over my body. I laughed thinking that you would really be turned on watching me and stroking to me while I was in the shower.
I will let you stroke for me, but only if you do it my way, ok stroking monkey ? Good. I see you are throbbing. Stroke your cock at a medium speed, get it hard for me stroking monkey. I can hear you breathing hard anticipating my every word. Pull it real good for me. I want your shaft to be nice and tight with a stiff full cock for me. I want you to stroke your cock a little faster, for a minute only. I want to see if you could make it throb for a whole minute without cuming. Ohh yes that is a good stroker. Now slap your cock 3 times for me. lol That’s right your cock has to earn the right cum. Ok now stroke it faster for me for 1 min . I will watch the clock. I can hear you breathing a little harder. I would have you suck on my nipples, as you stroke your cock. 15 seconds stroking monkey, don’t let it cum yet. My said pussy is getting wet. 30 seconds stroking monkey. I can hear you breathing harder. I can tell you are right on the edge now.


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