Relax, turn down the lights, get in bed and slowly start to stroke your cock.  Close your eyes and imagine me there with you.  My soft, sensual touch lightly stroking, barely touching and feel me moving my fingers over your entire cock, from base to the very tip. Keep touching lightly, Mmmm that’s it, easy, gentle touches, light strokes with your finger until you can’t take it anymore, stop and count to 30.

Now start again, this time stroke fast, like there is no tomorrow, fast and hardworking full stroke, bring that cock to the edge at least two t times, you have 5 minutes to complete in this manner, but do not cum yet sweetie.

Now you have been so good, doing just as instructed… Keep your hand slowly stroking, gently massaging, sensually touching your cock as you click the button below to see IF you get to cum or not.


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