I know that you have been waiting for your Mistress Sarah to guide your cock for an enjoying masturbation assignment today. Well, what are you waiting for stroker boy? Get completely naked for me now. Go lay down on your bed. Make sure you have a clock handy to keep time before you do so.

First you will feel up your entire body until you are so horny you can not take it anymore and have to touch that cock. That’s right. Touch your nipples, inner thighs, and balls. Do what ever it takes without touching your cock first. I want you hard and horny for me before I let you touch yourself.

Second, go ahead and start stroking for me nice and slow. Today I want you to keep stroking slowly with one hand and fondle the balls with the other. Stroke until you are right on the edge.

Now stop stroking. You are not allowed to cum just yet stroker boy.

Pull yourself back together and start stroking again while playing with your balls. I want you to stroke to the edge without cumming at least 5 times.

You will stroke slowly, play with your balls, come close to the edge, stop, and start right back up again.

Sounds very simple doesn’t it? Try saying that after you have tried it.

After you succeed with the 5 edges come back here and find out your fate.

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