Okay, now listen up my lusty little strokers. I want you completely disrobed for me and ready to follow my instructions. First of all, I want you to grip the shaft of that cock with one hand and your lube in the other. Now pour some of that lube onto the head of your cock, all the while working it down onto the shaft with your other hand.

Good! Now that your cock is nice and wet and fully erect, I want you to stroke it at your own pace until you’ve brought yourself to the edge three times. After the third time of pulling your hand away from your throbbing, nearly eruptive cock I want you to lie back in your chair or bed, close your eyes, breathe deep and allow that cock to relax until it is soft again. I know, this must be hell for you. Be patient my little wanker. Good things cum to those who wait. *wink*

Alright, now that your tortured cock has shrunk again I want you to repeat the entire exercise. That’s right. Edge your self three more times and then…

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