So you want to cum today do you? Well I do want you to work for me a bit – you have to work it up.  I require a little bit of sweat before you are able to cum, you know ….

I would like for you to imagine that I am in front of you. I’m showing you my cute little skirt that I just bought that is so reminiscent of a school girl – but be warned! I’m a bad school girl …

I like to sway my pleated skirt back and forth in your face and flip up that skirt to show you my perfect ass. Are you panting yet?

Stroke your cock. Get to the edge …

Now let Me tease you as I unbutton my white school uniform shirt. Are you sweating yet?

Stroke your cock again. Squeeze the head. Get on the edge again …

Do you love My knee high stockings, I’ll roll them down and let you feel My legs ….
Are you throbbing yet?

Stroke your cock even more. Squeeze your balls ….

Want to cum? *laughs*

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