Assume the position. You know, the one you are in far too often. The one you are in when you stroke that over-worked cock of yours. Oh come on, admit it. You love to fondle and stroke your cock at every opportunity. You love to make it swell up until it’s rock hard and your balls ache. Well, that’s okay with me. I love watching. I love knowing that you can’t control yourself and you MUST have your hands on your cock and balls as often as possible. And you love when I watch you, don’t you?

So do what I say. Do it my way right now. Fondle the head of your cock .. just the head .. for a few minutes. That poor helmet doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. Now isn’t that nice? Okay, move your hand down to the base and straighten it out .. fingers straight as though you are going to shake someone’s hand. Then put your other hand up and hold it the same way. Position your cock between your hands, right between the palms. Now slowly begin to rub your palms together, back and forth, with your cock right between. Just like a little boy scout trying to start a fire.  Keep rubbing, increasing the speed… make sure you’re down at the base of the cock. Now move your hands upwards as you rub. Faster.. make some friction! Feel the heat?? Mmmm so nice, isn’t it? Now move up again so the head is between your palms.. keep rubbing. Ohhh yes you are making your cock HARD and HOT! Move down again toward the base .. then up again all the way to the head. Now grab your cock with both hands and JERK downward to the base. Do about ten two-handed strokes, fast.

I want you to continue this routine for about ten minutes. It will make your cock SOOO hot .. be careful that you don’t make sparks and set your sheets on fire! LOL Do a bit of fast, steady stroking in between ..for a couple of minutes .. and then get back to rubbing that cock between your palms. Until you feel as though you will just explode. And then click on the TEASE MAFIA banner and listen to me …


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