Miss Alana’s speed game..

I like to put my strokers to the test and assess your
wanking agility. I am sure you have many years of yanking under your belt so lets see how you are at holding your tempo…. Start pulling that cock at a fast rate, yanking your balls up and down in the process.. I like for my strokers to get an entire dick and balls workout…
The friction of your hand vigorously sliding up and down your shaft, pulling your cum up closer and closer to the head… That vein on the side is beating as fast as your heart. Keep jerking your dick for me.. The pre cum beads onto the head of your cock… You really want to cum… but, I want you to stop and lightly rub your balls for me… relax and bring that cum back down into your sack. I am not ready for you to cum yet..
You have passed the first level of my speed game. If you past the second level, you might get a nice reward at the end.

Make your hand into a fist but leave an end open. Place the tip of your cock at the open end and begin to push your cock through that whole… just like if I were riding you and you were trying to push your dick into my pussy… Thrust as hard and as fast as you can. Bring your cum back up to the tip of your cock go all the way to edge for me… but wait wait WAIT….. click to see if you won the game…

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