Mmmm all the beautiful Mistresses from Cock Control have been teasing you – some have let you cum but others, well you know what happened.  You didn’t get to cum LOL so I bet you’re waiting for my instructions because I always let you cum, don’t I?

How about we do a little role play 🙂

You’ve just got hired at my company to be an assistant and I call you into my office.  You come in asking if I needed something and I tell you of course and to close the door.  As you’re standing in front of my desk, I proceed to look you up and down, making you very uncomfortable.

I then tell you to take your clothes off.  The look on your face is priceless – LOL and I just have to give you that naughty grin.  You try to protest but I cut you off mid sentence telling you that you need to take your clothes off because I DO NOT like what you’re wearing and there are other clothes more suitable for working with me in the closet.

Hesitant, you finally take off your clothes, stripping down to your boxers.   I’m waving my finger back and forth at you while shaking my head, you need to take everything off.

Finally after getting you out of all of your clothes and making you stand in front of me for a good 10 minutes – making you suffer LOL – I tell you to grab your cock.  Again a complete look of shock on your face.  I tell you it’s already hard, you might as well tug on it for a while.

I prop my feet up on my desk and tell you to get to work or hit the road.  Not wanting to lose your job you comply and start stroking.  Before long you are moaning and stroking your cock harder.  As you’re getting to the edge quite fast I tell you to slow down.

This goes on all day – making you stroke faster and slower, faster and slower again.  ALL DAY LONG (I bet you never imagined you’d be staying late at work stroking for me – fantasized yes, but for you to actually be doing it).  Hours of stroking and you are begging me to let you cum – on your knees where you belong of course.

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