Todays guided masturbation instructions will be a workout for you. I want you to get out the lube and get ready to spend the night (or day) with me.

  • Take out that cock of yours that you want to stroke so badly for me and get it all lubed up.
  • Now you should have a nice hard cock just waiting for some attention :).
  • I want you to start out slowly with stroking then gradually make your grip tighter and let your hand slide faster.
  • After stroking for 10 minutes I want you to put that cock that I’m currently controlling down. No cumming.
  • After a 20 minute break then continue on as above.
  • So basically what you are doing is stroking for 10 minutes and then taking a 20 minute break.
  • I want you to continue to do this for a minimum of 2 hours then you can come back here and click on the banner to see if you can cum or not.

Tease Mafia

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