OK wankers. Get naked, grab that lube and kick back in your easy chair or sofa. Start on your chest with light, delicate strokes. Get those nipples HARD! When you feel excitement building, it’s time to stroke slowly down to the groin. Lightly touch it with your fingertips, dragging them all around.

Don’t touch that cock or balls yet.

Move to the inner thighs and enjoy stroking them. Then slide one hand up to stroke the balls while the other hand continues to stroke the inner thighs. Slip a finger from the balls onto that sensitive spot and massage gently.

Now place one finger from the other hand on the shaft of the cock. Keep stroking the balls as you slowly slide that finger up and down the shaft. Keep this up until you are at the edge. Stay at the edge for 5 full minutes, no cheating, no slowing down.

At the end of the 5 minutes, click on the button for your final instructions.

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