My instructions are going to be fairly simple. hannah4-tease.jpg
I want you to get some lube or lotion (lots of it because you are going to need it). I want that cock nice and hard then I want you to take the lube or lotion (your decision) and get that cock very slippery for me.

Once you have that done I want you to grab that cock (which is currently mine because I am telling you exactly what to do with it today) and wrap your hand around it. I want you to take nice long, slow strokes for me up and down the shaft. Do this for 5 minutes (no cheating! – I want it nice and slow, squeezing tightly)

Now I want you to stroke my cock at a medium pace for another 5 minutes. Key word here is MEDIUM pace.

By now my cock should want more so I want you to stroke hard and fast for 2 minutes then I want you to slow back down.

This is a cycle boyz – repeat from the beginning three more times then come back here and listen to me.