The Assignment:

“Stinky, sticky fun”

Ms Ava

You know I don’t believe in giving you your orgasm unless I feel you have truly earned it. And sometimes, forced masturbation can be even more delightfully
cruel and humiliating than orgasm denial. For this
assignment you
will need:

~ A pair of underwear (your choice: can be boxers, tighty whities, girly panties, etc.) The only requirement is that they be comfortable, but not too loose, and sorry sissies, but no thongs for this assignment.

~ A 24 hour time period

**Optional: A picture of you wearing the underpants to be emailed to so I may post them on my blog later

You will wear this pair of underwear/panties for the next 24 hours straight. Aside from bathing/showering or using the toilet, the underwear is to remain on at
all times. Over this 24 hour period, I expect you to
jerk off and cum inside of them no less than 3 times.
I don’t care how you jerk off, but you must be sure you get your goo inside of your underwear. The underwear is not to be cleaned in any way during this next 24 hours.

At the end of the 24 hour period, you are to return to this page, wearing the underpants, and listen to your final masturbatory instructions.


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