You will need:

1. Several latex balloons varying in size from small to large (16 to 20”). You can judge the size you need after you read this through, and depending upon the size of your cock.
2. Lube or Vaseline
3. Plastic cup or plastic drinking glass
4. Powder – baby powder or whatever kind you like .. scented? Up to you!
5. Optional – an exercise ball (those big ones you buy and then put in the basement after a week)

There are several ways to masturbate with balloons, and all are simple, fun and “rewarding.” Therefore, you are to do all three and send me an email reporting your findings. Which method was more effective for you, and why? However, when you try

METHOD #1: Blow up large balloon (to about 16”), inflating it to full size. Tie it off well, so no air escapes while you pound it. Apply baby powder to the balloon, then place it on your bed. Slide slowly back and forth on the balloon, rubbing your penis against it. The slippery feel of the powder on the balloon and your cock will feel very erotic (and the smell is nice too!), and soon you will move much faster and faster until you are pounding that balloon! Now if you are in T & D training, this is perfect because it will drive you absolutely crazy to make yourself STOP right before you blow a load all over the balloon. Why not do it anyway? Just stop and hold back and go do something else for about 30 minutes, then come back and repeat, using more powder. The longer you deny yourself, the more explosive and wonderful your orgasm will be on that balloon when you finally shoot!

METHOD #2: This is similar to the first method, and just as simple, but has a different feel to it. Blow up your very largest balloon or take one of those big exercise balls and put it on the floor. If you use a latex balloon you will need something to lean back on and prop your elbows like a coffee table or couch. Lube up your cock really well and then sit on the balloon. Push back and forth in a smooth, even tempo until you climax. It’s fun to squirt cum on a balloon!

METHOD #3: This is the one you MUST report to me for. Do what I instruct here at the computer and when you are getting REALLY aroused, close to cumming but not yet cumming, click below and listen to me. Fill a balloon about ¾ of the way with warm water. Judge the size of the balloon by the size of your cup or glass. Tie off the balloon and put it into the drinking container; it should be a good tight fit. It should be warm and gushy and have a lot of give. Lube up your cock, shove it into the balloon and with any imagination at ALL you should be able to close your eyes and imagine that warm squishy balloon is something else! Find a good rhythm, stroking your cock with that home-made masturbator, and before long you are going to be ready to cum hard into that balloon. But no no no..

Click the button and let me guide you! Get yourself fairly close to the edge before you listen to me!

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