Well hello my faithful strokepets … lilith.jpg

Some say that Thursday is right on the Edge of the week ..its almost Friday and I know that alot of you are looking forward to relieving your tensions Just in time for the weekend ..
So on that note …we will be doing a little bit of Edge play ! This is always one of my favourite activities with all of My boys , and I am sure that some of you have not yet experienced the ultimate arousing bliss that is so easily attained by cumming …Closer and closer to the actual release Of cumming ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Come now , you didn’t *really* think I would come here and tell all of you to just stroke until you cum and nothing more , did you ? ::Giggles::

Now you just Know that wouldn’t be very much fun !! So lets get started , shall we ?
Here are some items that I would Prefer for you to have on hand
before we get started :

Lube of course , and Lots of it !!! What is your favourite thing to use for lube ? Lotions ? Oil ? Use even more of it!! Mmmmm , now this is already turning Me on !!
Any kind of menthol/eucalyptus lozenge or very strong mint (for example Altoids)

I am sure that many of you fantasize about how I would stroke your cock For you ..and then some of your also know first hand how I would ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now , what I want you to do is relax , lean back ..and imagine My hands all over your body.
I would start slowly by very softly raking my fingernails/fingertips over your balls and cock , Do this by reaching down to your balls as if you were cupping them in your hand …and cup them in your hand before this too if you like it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Slowly move your hand from your balls up to the head of your cock , yet barely even touching you (*Tip – its even more fun to do this with something Very light and soft ..a feather, a pair of panties, etc!)

With just enough lube this will feel blissfully erotic ! Now, with one hand rubbing the head of your cock , I want you to stroke up and down on the shaft just as My hand would ..work it up into a nice steady rhythym ..now I want you to focus on the most sensitive area of your cock .

Alternate between this method and between cupping both hands around the head of your cock and then moving them back and forth with more of a rolling motion , even going slightly up and down while doing this …Mmmmm !

Eventually , I want you to take the mint or eucalyptus lozenge and get it as wet as you can. Now rub it all over the head of your cock . Mmmm , that is something you probably haven’t experienced before is it ?

You will notice a cool tingling , yet slightly warm sensation …::Giggles:: I want you to alternate between ‘re-lubing’ and edging yourself continuousely for 15 minutes ..and then I want you to cum back here and hear your fate …will I let you cum ? Or will I Make you wait ..?



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