The Fruits of Your Labor
For this rather simple task, we will explore the pleasures of food and masturbation… specifically with fruits and/or veggies.

I already know that you are a bit of a depraved pervert, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, subjecting yourself to the whims of your favorite Tease Mafia Princesses!

This assignment has several parts to it. You are already getting the idea that Mistress Ava is a strong and passionate advocate for making stroker boys work hard to earn their release, aren’t you?

1st, you are to take a trip to your local grocery store. Walk around the produce aisle, and pick out 3 different pieces of fruits or vegetables that you would like to masturbate with. What looks interesting to you? I would like you to use your imagination in this assignment, don’t be boring or use the standard carrot in the ass… what about a melon with a hole cut in it to fit over your cock? Or, a possibly a cucumber if you can find one large enough to accommodate your prick. Also, tomatoes are soft, and will work as well. Be creative!

Take them home and put them aside for at least one hour before continuing.

When your hour has passed, you should take the time to throughougly cleanse each item to remove any pesticides, dirt or chemicals that might be on them before you begin the next part of this task. After cleasning the produce, I want you to experiment with jerking off into or with each of the items. Take enough time so that you are able to fully enjoy and experience the various sensations that each piece of produce provides you. Get lost in the sensations of jerking your cock off into your new “toy”, and/or become caught up in the way the produce feels inserted into your ass as you are stroking your cock simultaneously. It is your choice as to how you are going to bring yourself to the edge. Try using each fruit or vegetable on yourself and then decide which one you would prefer to shoot your load all over. Whatever you do, do not throw away any of the produce yet. Keep jerking off with your produce until you are as close to the edge as you can possibly stand it. Then return to this page and listen carefully for the last part of the instructions for today’s task.


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