Ms. Rachel Discusses Cockteasing with The Gush

  I'm inviting you to invest in a cockteasing experience that's straight-forward, but has the potential to be oh-so-satisfying! If you like to feel controlled by a Mistress in this way, that is! I use the word "invest", because it does require you to spend some...

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Important Note about Gifts for Mistresses

Effective Immediately, gifts sent to the LDW address will no longer be forwarded to the intended recipient.  Instead, they will be returned at the sender's expense. We know you like to shower your Mistress with gifts and you can still do that. Check with your Mistress...

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No Guarantee from a Pricktease

You know how usually, we offer a no questions asked guarantee on all phone sex and sexy texting sessions? Oh, you didn't? Well, we do, and it's pretty awesome. You'd love it, I'm sure, if you weren't calling an unrepentant cock tease like myself. See, I don't offer...

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Cock Tease Gooner Meditation

Have you ever sat and masturbated for so long that you basically achieved enlightenment? I'm talking about that timeless state, without thought or worry, where time passes and yet does not intrude into your awareness. That state of being in which you are pure...

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Cock Tease Masturbation Assignment

There's something so delightfully decadent about taking your time in a long cock tease masturbation session. In this economy, anything that smacks of self care and indulgence can become a deeply subversive and revolutionary act, and in some lights the very act of...

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Pantyhose Cock Tease – Humping My Impenetrable Ass

Do you love a woman in pantyhose? Do the thoughts of sliding your hands and cock all over your lover while she's wearing slippery, silky pantyhose drive you wild? As a cock tease, one of my favorite things to do with a new date is to strip down...

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Cock Teased and Frustrated

Jerk Off July Do you know that this is “Jerk Off July”? This is our celebration month honoring all stroke pets who make their day relieving tension with masturbation of choice. The choice being a big variety of celebration wanks from complete...

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Mistress Olivia: tease and denial torment

What is tease and denial? There are so many ways to experience tease and denial torment --- no matter how long I tease you, you will experience the profound sexual frustration that automatically comes with edging. You're already beginning to...

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Teasing Your Cock with the Midas Touch

Cock Teasing with Mistress ErinI’m Mistress Erin and the guys I play with say I have “The Midas Touch”. That is very flattering of course, and I try to translate this to phone sex sessions. I guide you on the course of how I would tease your cock with my...

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